PJ Helicopters is a 40 Year family owned company with a long history and a strong passion for flying. The family history of this precision helicopter operation all started with a Great uncle of the family Samuel Pierpont Langley, the aviation pioneer and scientist for whom Langley Air Force Base was named. (See Our History Tab)

PJ Helicopters started as a small agriculture spraying business working off the ramp at the airport in Red Bluff, Ca with two pilots, and two airplanes.

Since then, PJ Helicopters has steadily grown and continues to build the company implementing more than agriculture operations to their resume, such things as power line work, pipeline support, construction & external loads, fire fighting, law enforcement, US forest service contracts, etc. Those have become just a part of the ever expanding world of utility helicopter operations.

PJ Helicopters growth has increased over the past 10 years adding 1 to 2 helicopters every year to meet customer needs.

PJ Helicopters strives to uphold their great uncles spirit of innovation & their vision to provide excellence and safety in their daily operations, on the ground and in the air, serving its customers world wide.

Our diverse fleet of helicopters can meet any need.