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In Late 2021, PJ Helicopters and Quanta Services made the decision to develop a CH-47 Utility Chinook Heavy-Lift Program. As an industry-leader with the proven UH-60A Utility Hawk Program, we are eager to take the next step with this incredibly diverse and capable airframe. The Chinook’s impressive external load capacity can effectively handle any needs within the utility industry and more. The CH-47D Utility Hook will also be a valuable new asset during the firefighting season. Capable of 26,000lb external loads, and with a +50 year track record this aircraft will change the way utility work is done in our industry.

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FAA Certified for Commercial Use
Number In Fleet – 3

Exceptional Speed and Range
Maximum 170 knots
Cruise Speed 140 knots
Cruise Speed w/ Bubble Window 140 knots
Range at Cruise 360 nm
Max Endurance 3 hours
Exceptional Lifting Capability
Empty Weight (Typical) (No fuel) 24,000lbs (Full) 30,888lbs
Useful Internal Load 24,000 lbs
Max Gross Weight (Internal) 24,000 lbs
Max Gross Weight (External) 26,000 lbs
Cargo Hook Capacity 26,000 lbs

*Performance specs subject to change based on temperature/elevation/flight conditions.