Going Green

Our goal at PJ Helicopters is to create a positive impact and solid structure for the future of the helicopter industry, as well as furthering sustainability for generations to come. PJ Helicopters has invested in the future of our world. Here are some purchases made recently to help in our efforts towards being GREEN!

EnviroTanker: Increased fuel economy for large truck, and reduction in carbon footprint. Exceeding current California emissions requirements and meets Federal Emissions Regulations.

2 Notar Helicopters: Decreased noise pollution for urban areas, as well as potentially damaging natural habitats and carbon footprint to wildlife.

Travel Trailers: Housing when on contract, saving potential hotel produced waste as well as emissions (carbon footprint) from commuting.

Bonaza A36 Airplane: To fly pilots, parts, and/or mechanics to or from anywhere in the United States saving time, and reducing our carbon footprint.

We have also done the “little things” around the office that make a big impact in a positive direction!

Our maintenance team are all concious as well! Going GREEN is a solid team effort at PJ’s Helicopters.

At PJ Helicopters a great deal of our work opportunities are awarded by superior flight training, qualifications, and combined experience. Along with these traits, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and environmentally conventional work environment. Our work in the field has and will continue to change the impact of helicopters to the environment that surrounds us all. With the ability to move material and humans safely, over and around sensitive habitats, which may be urban or wilderness. We are willing to make the changes necessary to protect the safety and futures of any and all we encounter in our endeavors.