As a recognized leader in the helicopter utility world of powerline construction and fire, PJ Helicopters has become the number one innovator and designer of a variety of specialized methods and procedures involving powerline construction. With safety being the single most important consideration in successful utility operations and procedures, PJ Helicopters  has taken an industry-lead role in developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS) specifically designed for a utility helicopter operator.

Four years ago, PJ Helicopters personnel studied numerous Airline Industry SMS programs as well as guideline from the FAA and HAI (Helicopter Association International) to create a program that not only fit the needs of the company, but would work effectively and be accepted by all employees at PJ Helicopters. The driving force behind this innovative approach began with guidance from the owners of PJ Helicopters, was furthered by PJH personnel with degrees from the Embry-Riddle School of Aeronautics specializing in Aircraft Safety and Pilot Psychology, and refined by the company chief pilot and safety officer with over 18,000 hours of utility flying experience. The resultant SMS Program developed by PJ Helicopters has proven itself to be invaluable and accepted by Federal and State Agencies such as the California Department of Forestry, Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

With nineteen aircraft and about 15,000 hours of utility flying each year, PJ Helicopters has enjoyed an accident free safety record in the most hazardous flight environment in the industry. In instituting the SMS Program at PJ Helicopters, it has ensured that safety objectives are met as set forth in the PJ Helicopters Safety Policy. The policies, procedures, controls, and process measures as well as other safety attributes are designed into the SMS Program to reduce human error while permitting personnel at all levels within the organization to effectively manage both safety and quality of work completed.

Safety is NO accident! PJ Helicopters will always provide the highest reasonable standard of safety for all procedures, systems, and activities coupled with identifying and minimizing the risks which could contribute to incidents, accidents, or injury to persons or property.

Thorough inspections of all parts ensure safety.
PJH looks over every detail of the helicopter.