Precision training is a primary focus at PJ Helicopters. It ensures every pilot performs their job while following the safest, FAA-compliant procedures.

Every pilot is experienced, highly motivated, willing to be trained and capable of flying in a wide variety of helicopters in diverse and adverse conditions including sensitive wire environments, fires, and special projects flying 100 to 150-foot longlines.

Specialized training has been refined during the 53 year history of PJ Helicopters. It is required that all newly hired pilots complete several training programs including, but is not limited to, initial Part 135 Training, Mountain Flying Techniques, Powerline Patrol Techniques, Powerline Construction Techniques, Rappel, Shorthaul, Insulator Wash, Water Bucket Training, Aerial Mapping, and general Fire Training. In addition, yearly training programs are required for every pilot at PJ Helicopters to ensure that each one is up to date on the latest in safety qualifications.

The pilots’ experience, confidence and motivation is a direct result of PJ Helicopter’s training processes. Jobs are completed efficiently and professionally every time and customers are 100% satisfied and continue to come back time and time again for PJ Helicopters superior services.

We pride ourselves in thorough training.
Receiving factory Rolls Royce training on-site.