Seeding and Fertilizing

Our helicopters can be used to distribute seed. Seed from the hopper falls into the spreader and airflow through the spreader distributes the seed. We have the ability to dispense seed and herbicides at rates as low or high rates. We can do seeding, fertilizing or herbicides! We also have the ability to drop straw to allow the seed germination process to take off and minimize any ground erosion problems in just about all conditions and terrain.

Frost Control and Crop Management

Frost can be the most damaging weather conditions for your crops. Helicopters are the tool used to avoid this problem. The powerful rotor down-wash of a slow-moving helicopter can circulate warm air around the plants thus preventing frost or eliminating if it has started to form.

PJ Helicopters has the ability to do both day and night operations to ensure that your crops are protected. As Spring approaches and you consider the consequences of frost on your crops, remember that PJ Helicopters is here to get the job done!

Christmas Tree Harvesting

For the past 20 years PJ Helicopters has helped harvest Christmas Trees near Salem, Oregon. PJ’s moves about 1000 trees per hour for a total of about 250,000 trees annually. Helicopters are used in the bad winter conditions and hilly terrain when ground equipment is unable to reach the tree locations. PJ’s will still fly in the wet, cold, and windy conditions to make sure you have a nice Christmas Tree every year.

We can handle all your Christmas tree needs.
Tree management is more productive with a helicopter.