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PJ Helicopters is a Quanta Services company

We have a long history and a strong passion for flying.



PJ Helicopters has been in operation since 1970, with a long history and a strong passion for flying. The family history of this precision helicopter operation all started with a great-uncle of the family Samuel Pierpont Langley, the aviation pioneer and scientist for whom Langley Air Force Base is named.

At PJ Helicopters, we take pride in being a leading provider of specialized helicopter services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our cutting-edge fleet is equipped with the latest technology and safety features, allowing us to deliver a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Aerial surveys
  • Construction support for electrical utility projects
  • Firefighting
  • Utility operations
  • And much more!

With years of experience in the aviation industry, we have earned the trust of our clients by delivering exceptional service, time and again. Our commitment to quality and safety has solidified our position as a trusted partner for various aerial operations, including those related to electrical utility construction.

Whether you require aerial surveys for a large-scale project, construction support for electrical utility projects, or dependable firefighting support, PJ Helicopters is here to exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and customized solutions for your specific needs. Get in touch with us today for a personalized consultation! Let us show you why PJ Helicopters is the right choice for your helicopter service needs.

Our History

The history of PJ Helicopters can be traced back to the early days of flight. As the great-nephew of aviation pioneer Samuel Langley, Phil Gunsauls began operating a single fixed-wing crop duster in 1968. A few years later, he decided to pursue his passion for rotorcraft. Originally using his first initial and his wife’s middle initial, “PJ’s Helicopter” started operating in 1970. Agricultural work eventually transitioned to firefighting. In the 1980s, operations expanded to include law enforcement short-haul work. This work directly translated into pioneering HEC operations for the electrical industry.     

In 2015, PJH received a type certificate for their UH-60A Utility Hawk® program. The introduction of heavier lifting machines allowed PJ Helicopters to expand their heavy lift and firefighting services. Purchased by Quanta Services in the winter of 2020, this acquisition enabled PJH to continue dominating the utility and construction space. The addition of CH-47D Chinooks to their fleet has positioned them as a leader in nationwide helicopter lift services. However, the core focus of the business has always been to maintain exceptional customer service and support, a commitment that has driven their journey since the very beginning.

Quality, Efficiency,
Safety, and Training


At PJ Helicopters, an absence of accidents or incidents does not equal the presence of safety.

PJ Helicopters is on a journey to uphold the highest standards of safety and operational integrity by embedding a culture of safety throughout our organization. Building and sustaining an industry-leading safety performance requires deliberate actions to reduce exposure. From our front-line teams to senior leaders, our collective commitment to safety shapes decision-making every day, at every level.

Since 1970, PJ Helicopters has played a significant role in advancing and strengthening safety standards in the helicopter utility world of powerline construction and aerial firefighting. Not only are we committed to creating a safe environment and working diligently to prevent incidents and injuries throughout our operations, but we’re also focused on continually improving our safety management systems and compliance programs by engaging our employees, implementing organizational learning to share best practices and lessons learned enhances our capacity to fail safely.

Our commitment to safety extends well beyond regulatory compliance standards and simply reducing risk. We work closely with industry and government agencies to drive positive, industry-wide change that improves safety protocols—not only for our own teams and partners, but for the entire aviation community.


The goal of our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program is to increase the rate of survival for people who have sudden cardiac arrests.

The AED program is designed to provide equipment and training to enhance life safety response measures. AEDs make it possible for trained and untrained responders to administer defibrillation prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

We deploy an AED on every job site across North America. We go above the industry standards and hold ourselves to the Quanta standard. Quanta’s AED program has so far saved 44 lives (including several civilians) and continues to be a life-saving success for our workforce and communities across North America and beyond.

AED units deployed across Quanta Services:17,317
Lives saved: 44 (29 Quanta Employees and 15 general public)


PJ Helicopters’ Training Program

At PJ Helicopters, we believe in investing in our people. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip team members with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to succeed in their role and to contribute to the overall success and safety of our team and our customers.

The PJ Way:

  • Tailored Learning: Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned professional, we use training programs designed to meet specific needs and goals for every team member, from Fuel Service Vehicle Drivers, Mechanics, to Pilots. Our programs are designed to meet or exceed any customer, or regulatory agency’s safety and training requirements.
  • Skill Development: Our programs for pilots focus on developing essential skills in areas that include Part 135 Operations, Powerline Patrol, Precision Longline, Mountain Flying, Heli-wash, Aerial Firefighting, and Night Vision Goggle Operations. Our programs for field support staff focuses on developing essential skills in areas like Rural Driving, Fire Prevention in the Right of Way, Rigging, CPR/AED Training, and Quanta Safety’s Capacity Model.
  • Engaging Formats: We utilize a variety of engaging learning formats, (including hands-on instruction, online modules, and job ride-a-longs, etc.), to keep our team members motivated and to ensure knowledge retention.

Investing in and preparing our Team

By participating in our training programs, our staff gain the confidence and expertise to:

  • Become a high-performing team member.
  • Contribute to achieving company goals.
  • Advance their career within PJ Helicopters.

Join our Team or use PJ Helicopters today for the professional edge to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our staff’s experience, confidence, and motivation is the direct result of the PJ Helicopters’ training process. Jobs are completed efficiently and professionally every time, leaving customers 100% satisfied and continuing to come back time and time again for superior service.

Location Information

PJ Helicopters headquarters facility is located in Red Bluff, CA. Red Bluff is a semi-rural town with 18,000 citizens located 130 miles north of Sacramento and 180 miles north of San Francisco. Nearby towns include Redding, CA (famous for outdoor recreation) and Chico, CA (famous for California State University, Chico). Red Bluff’s climate is comfortable in the winter (average temperatures range from mid 40’s to mid 60’s) and warm in the summer (average high temperatures range from 85 to 105).

Mechanics works on a CH-47D Chinook helicopter Crews rig a Chinook CH-47 Helicopter


At PJ Helicopters, we value our ability to provide a comfortable atmosphere for each and every employee while maintaining our commitment to work and stay safe. We at PJ’s have a diverse workforce made up of Helicopter Pilots, Mechanics, Commercial Hazardous Fuel Truck Drivers, Parts Department Specialists, and Executive Administrators. If PJ Helicopters fascinates you and you’re interested in becoming part of our dynamic team, please submit your resume to one of our departments below.

We accept resumes on an annual recurring basis for the following departments:

Flight Operations
500 Turbine Hours Required for SIC Positions
1500 Turbine Hours Required for PIC Positions

Maintenance Operations
A&P License Required

Ground/Support Operations
Commercial License & Hazmat Endorsement Required


Once completed, email to: [email protected] or Fax to 530-527-1730


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