Providing services in a variety of industries

PJ Helicopters is a leader in delivering cargo, data as well as people on time and on budget! We provide services in a variety of industries:

  • Utility – Aerial Survey, Surveillance and Control, Pole Setting and Wire Stringing.
  • Construction – Long Line Cargo, Concrete Transport, HVAC Units, Precise Bolted Steel Connections.
  • Water Diversion – Movement/Placement of Shoring Materials.
  • Law Enforcement – Search/Rescue, Surveillance.
  • Agriculture – Seeding, Fertilizing, Frost Control, Crop Management.
  • Forestry – Fire Control, Controlled Burning, Planting, Rehabilitation.
  • Air Taxi – Aerial Photography, Commercial Charter, Private Transportation, Transporting Crew to Remote Locations.
  • Remote Landings – High Altitude, Snow Landings.
  • Helicopter Service Center – Helicopter Maintenance, Performance Modifications & Damage Repair