PJ Helicopters is the leading provider and innovator of helicopter construction and maintenance services to the North American electric transmission industry.

PJ Helicopters’ operations are integrated and managed by professionals who are specialized and experienced in helicopter construction methods. Electric power companies, contractors, and utility company project managers can satisfy all of their helicopter-assisted construction needs from one source

New Construction projects:
  • Hang insulators and stringing blocks
  • Pull sock-line, hard-line, OPGW or shield wire
  • Clip in wires and remove stringing blocks
  • Full-tension conductor and shield wire splicing (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Install spacers, marker balls, dampers, bird discouragers, anti-galloping devices
  • Structure placement
  • Transport vehicles and equipment, concrete, matting
  • Post Construction Inspections
Reconductor, shield wire or OPGW upgrades:
  • Installation and removal of crossing guards
  • Unclip wire and hang stringing blocks (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Cut out or cover sleeves; other necessary wire repairs
  • Clipping-in conductors and remove stringing blocks (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Cut-out conductor sleeves
  • Aerial monitoring of the pull
  • Fiber Installation
Teaming with PJ Helicopters benefits our customers in many ways:
  • Greatly reduces environmental impact
  • Minimizes matting
  • Minimizes ROW intrusion
  • Addresses property owner concerns
  • Ferry men, tools and hardware avoiding sensitive areas
  • Increased efficiency and speed of work
  • Access to difficult areas
PJH can handle all your structure placement needs.
Achieve access where ground equipment can't.