Law Enforcement

All our helicopters are equipped with radios to facilitate communication with the local dispatch center and crew. Even in remote areas, satellite phones can be dispatched to allow communication.

PJ Helicopters can be fitted with a vast array of cutting-edge certified surveillance and crime-fighting equipment to carry out any law enforcement mission and come with the most up-to-date flight technologies. We supply a variety of utilities to get the job done. Cargo nets and other specialized equipment are available. Our crew is dedicated to develop specific load attachments unique to your individual needs.

Our Experience Includes:
  • Aerial support
  • Border patrol
  • Command and control
  • Drug enforcement and detection
  • Hoisting
  • Protecting sensitive sites
  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance patrols
  • Tracking vehicles
PJH transports Law Enforcement to any location.
We hoist Law Enforcement into all remote locations.